Pictured is a bottle of Rosé wine


The 2020 Rosé is a youthful, crisp, and dry rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon. Hints of berry, in particular, red berry aromas are present. The 2020 Rosé was produced by the direct press method and is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with 0.5% residual sugar. Favorite Pairings:  charcuterie, white pizza, and ? We are still exploring this new wine and deciding what our favorite pairings are! Drop up a note and tell us yours!

The 2021 Rosé is a light pink to salmon-colored dry rosé. It is light and bright on the pallet with red berry aromas concluding with a long smooth finish. The 2021 Rosé was produced using the bleed-off method. It is 67% Merlot and 33% Cabernet Sauvignon with 0.5% residual sugar. Favorite pairings are charcuterie, white pizza, pecan chicken salad with cranberries, and surprisingly, Wendy’s drunken chicken BBQ. Currently, the 2021 Rosé is a Hickory Hill Wine Club only wine.