Hickory Hill Picnic Area Policies and Guidelines

General Picnic Policies

  • Anyone enjoying wine MUST be 21 or over. IDs will be checked.
  • No Pets or emotional support pets. Trained Service Animals always welcome.
  • Per VA ABC, no outside alcohol is permitted.
  • Please use provided refuse and recycle bins to help us keep the grounds tidy.
  • All picnic areas are no smoking, vaping, or tobacco use. We do have one picnic table/area where we do allow smoking.

COVID-19 Specific Policies

  • No more than 10 people per picnic area. This includes children, nondrinkers, designated drivers.
  • Groups must stay within your designated picnic area.
  • When moving about outside your designated picnic area, please maintain the 6′ social distancing and wear a face covering. This includes trips to and from your vehicle, to the restroom, or to the Sales Window.
  • We know facial coverings are a hot topic. We are wearing masks to keep you as safe as possible. We ask that you do the same for us as well as other visitors when moving around outside your picnic area. We thank you in advance for showing others this consideration.
  • Inclement weather- please seek shelter in your vehicle until it is safe to return to your picnic area. We are unable to allow anyone inside the buildings. Please plan accordingly- umbrella, rain gear, poncho!
  • At the end of your reservation, please clean up your area by discarding all trash, including the table cover into the trash bag provided. Please leave the tablecloth clips on the table so we may sanitize them for their next use.