June 23, 2020

We say goodbye to the Box Elder Tree

The landscape is ever-changing. This time, visibly!

Today, we say goodbye to a tree that has been around for at least 100 years. The Ancient Box Elder Tree that grew just behind our winery came down today. As you may remember several years ago, we removed a huge, unsafe limb. Another large limb fell during a mild storm a couple of weeks ago. This told us it was time. The tree was very off balance and no longer safe. We took many pictures and created this video showing its removal. We did save the stump. The talented crew at J & J Treewackers made it look a bit like a table and perhaps we will take the time to count the rings.

Picnickers and Sunset Saturday attendees will miss its shade, though we do think the Ash tree will enjoy the additional morning sunshine and the young poplar trees that grow nearby will no longer be crowded.
We invite you to come by and see the new landscape. It is surprising how much the view of the vineyard has opened up from the crush pad!

Stay safe and healthy!

~The Furrows