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Friends & Family

     Roger and Judy Furrow are the owners and dreamers of Hickory Hill. These photos span 30+ years of grape passion, from 1984 until the present

Roger and Judy hav
e two children, Tad and Wendy, that share in their vineyard & winery dream, and three grandchildren.

    Wendy, her husband Donald and their daughter Tura live and work at the farm as second generation winemaker, vigneron and helper, all under Roger and Judy's watchful eye.

  Tad, his wife Rebecca and their sons, Ryan & Nathan, live and work in the Greensboro NC area, visiting often to help with harvest and festivals. 

Alberta Furrow

    Roger's mother Alberta has watched her son's vineyard dreams grow for over a quarter century, and she's picked grapes every harvest. Even using a chair now she can still out-pick many new volunteers. Her many paintings of the lake over the years not only hang in the tasting room; she painted the familiar "Lake" label on our wine  bottles. Madison Avenue, eat your heart out.

Hickory Hill

     Our story cannot be complete without mention of the Harvesters. These 100+ volunteers are extended family and dear friends that over the decades have helped us pick the grapes, pour tastings at festivals, bottle wine or simply watch Tura as we work. Without them this dream would not be possible, and it is a joy to share the success with them.

     To be a member, we ask that you help us pick during the harvest, or help bottle, or help at a festival.  In return, you receive an invitation to a private party with a barrel tasting of the wines you helped make, a discount on your HHV & W wine purchases for a year and free admission to HHV & W events!

A HUGE 'Thank you" to our 2013 harvesters!

Interested in the Hickory Hill Harvesters Club?
Contact Judy or Wendy at 540.296.1393.